Show Notes (05-18-18)

Title: Smart Homes: Technological Gate Keeper

Run Time: 19 min 42 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Nabbit, Oktober and Major Monocle



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Topic: Smart Homes


  • Oktober talks about how, in an earlier episode, we had a brief discussion of “homes of the future” (via the 1950’s and 1960’s). That episode was mainly about appliances, while this show is about the inter-connectivity of your house and your devices.


  • Luke manages to confuse a bunch of Amazon Echo’s by saying the name Alexa several times throughout this conversation. Nabbit simulates the creepy laugh glitch.



  • Nabbit talks about how the one major problem faced by these technologies is that they don’t all work together, which leads to compatibility and performance issues. He attempts to coin the term “Universalized.”



  • Oktober brings up the old 1960’s smart homes with switches that controlled everything from lights to the sound system. Luke brings up the fascination he had as a kid about homes with intercom systems. Nabbit talks about how one of the houses he owned had one, sadly non-functioning.




  • Major Monocle talks about how far we’ve come technologically in the last decade and how apps now rule the world when it comes to making devices like the Echo and iHome function.



  • The discussion turns to implantable devices like cochlear implants and heart monitoring chips that are controlled by apps. Nabbit talks about his heart monitoring implant “phones home” every night.




Game: “You Deserve Better”


In this game the panel is presented with a thing, place, event, etc… and make it better somehow.









Would You Rather Wednesday (05-16-18)

Here is a new midweek segment featuring one panelist, one “Would You Rather…” question and one “Gold Ribbon Recommendation”. This one has Major Monocle choosing between torturing himself or others, guess which one he chooses. And as for his Gold Ribbon recommendation he wants folks to go out there and truly live… on a motorcycle, #bikelife.


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Show Notes (05-11-18)

Title: Tarot, Interpretation and the Fates

Run Time: 29 min 38 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Nabbit, Oktober and Major Monocle

Special Guests: Victoria and Braydon


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Topic: Interpreting Tarot Cards


  • There are several tarot decks for people to choose from…the most common one is the known as the Rider-Waite deck. Victoria uses a Llewellyn Deck that has Celtic/Welsh symbolism and artwork.







  • Nabbit talks with Victoria about the psychological aspects of tarot readings. He brings up the Barnum Effect, which allows for giving someone a vague generalized statement and that person interpreting it as just for them. Oktober talks about how the Barnum Effect is related to cold reading (and brings up John Edward).


Game: “Drink It” Or “Sink It” Challenge:

Letting the Fates Decide


Using a randomized chart of various ingredients that Luke had sitting in the back bar and the first 6 cards of the Major Arcana we let the fates decide what would go into this cocktail. It ended up being The Emperor/ Bran/ #4 (Tanqueray Gin) from Nabbit, The Priestess/ #2 (Cranberry Juice) was drawn by Major Monocle and Oktober pulled out The Lovers/ #6 (Hot Damn! Cinnamon Schnapps). Luke took these random ingredients and made a shot with it. Nabbit thought it had a bit of a wine like taste. Major Monocle can’t stand gin so it was pretty much a non-starter for him. Oktober wasn’t a fan. The overall consensus was that the cranberry juice and Hot Damn! actually worked pretty well together, but to make this drink more palatable it needs a different base alcohol. So if you want to test the fates…. give it a try. (The recipe is the entry before these show notes.)







Would You Rather Wednesday (05-09-18)

Here is a midweek segment featuring one panelist, one “Would You Rather…” question and one “Gold Ribbon Recommendation”. This one has Nabbit choosing between…well it’s hard to explain, but it involves screaming, blue things and flags. As for his recommendation, it involves a beat boxing Puffer fish and dancing…its this video called, “The Salmon Dance.


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Show Notes (05-04-18)

Title: May the 4th Be With You (Star Wars Pun!)

Run Time: 23 min 34 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Nabbit, Oktober and Major Monocle



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Topic: Star Wars: Affect on Culture





  • Nabbit makes the argument that Star Wars was one of the first major fandoms to emerge in the modern era. He argues this by saying that this film brought people together in a way that we wouldn’t see manifest again until the internet was born.



  • Luke talks about how one movie represents the cash grab that tried to happen after Star Wars was released and how the Special FX changed the way people watched movies. He is, of course, talking about Star Crash. Released in 1978 (a year after the original Star Wars movie) it featured David Hasselhoff and an incomprehensible plot.


  • Nabbit argues that without George Lucas we would not have the current version of Harrison Ford. Luke argues the fact that it is true, but also points out that Ford was in American Graffiti (1973). This leads down a path of both praising and cursing George Lucas. On the one hand, Han Solo. On the other, Jar Jar Binks.


  • Time to talk Merchandising! George Lucas made his money by selling you toys. Oktober brings up that some of these toys were featured in a docu-series on Netflix called “The Toys that Made Us.” Nabbit talks about his memories of themed cups and popcorn buckets at the movies and how it was one of the first times he can remember a film doing that.


  • Nabbit talks about how Star Wars: The Phantom Menace spurred innovation in movie theaters. He remembers hearing rumors that the only way that it was going to be released was digitally, meaning that theater were going to have to update a lot of their equipment.




Game: “You Name It”










Show Notes (04-27-18)

Title: The Panel vs. Absinthe

Run Time: 26 min 00 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Nabbit, Oktober and Major Monocle



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Topic: Absinthe or The Green Fairy


  • A lot of the information presented in this episode (excluding the experiences of the panelists) comes from a great little book called (appropriately enough) “The Little Green Book of Absinthe.” If you are interested in integrating Absinthe into your cocktail repertoire this is a great book to help you get started.


  • And as a way of visual explanation…here is our basic four person fountain.



  • Now onto the fun and trivia. Luke talks about the history of the distillery that produced this episodes libation, Pernod Fils.



  • Luke talks about the change in color from a light green to a milky greenish color, known as a louche.


  • Pernod Absinthe is very anise (black licorice) forward in it’s flavor. Some of the oldest distilled spirits are flavored by this (including Sambuca and Ouzo).







Game: Topic Trivia



  • Which is NOT a nickname for Absinthe?

The Green Goddess, The Fariy with the Gloomy Eyes, La Verte Chevre


  • Which of these historical events actually happened:

A distillery fire forced the owners to dump the vats of Absinthe into a nearby river creating a huge louche that no doubt caused people to grab buckets and drink to their hearts content….or…. two rival companies decided to settle a trade dispute with a drinking contest between their employees. 2 teams of 10 faced off, with the winners giving their workers a bonus and a week off to recover.


  • Which on of these is NOT a brand of Absinthe?

St George Absinthe Verte, La Clandestine, StreetCar Blanche, Lucid


  • Although most associated with France, where was the first Absinthe actually distilled?

Belgium, Switzerland, Greece

Show Notes (04-20-18)

Title: Pirates!

Run Time: 21 min 26 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Nabbit, Oktober and Major Monocle



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Topic: Pirates!


  • During the opening (and a few times throughout the show) Oktober references one of our favorite pirate themed jokes. Luke talks about how the “Golden Age of Piracy” only lasted from 1716-1726 and yet Pirates are still a major thing in American culture….even after several very popular movies.


  • Oktober talks about how the first thing she thinks of is the 1980’s era “Long John Silvers” restaurants. She talks about how the cartoon pirates and decor made it seem like you were eating on the high seas. She also thinks back to when Pittsburgh’s baseball team embraced their pirate image more.


  • The term “Buccaneer” comes up and Luke mentions that there is an interesting background to the that term, but didn’t want to get into it on the show. But here it is for you to read.


  • Nabbit thinks that the appeal is part “Rebels/ Outsiders” and part “High Adventure.” Luke and Nabbit discuss how some of these elements show up in the classic pirate story “Treasure Island.”





  • Luke talks about a book he read that explained how pirates were very democratic. It discussed the contracts that many crews signed and how loot was divided. But, to be fair, most people only remember the horrible deaths and unhappy stories of the pirates lives.


Game: “Drink It” Or “Sink It” Challenge : Grog


The panel was not enamored with this one. Nabbit could not get behind the fact that this was served slightly warm. Oktober downed it pretty quick and stated that it “…was not a smooth finish.” Luke talks about the origins of this combination (see the recipe for some links to the story) and Oktober wonders aloud why it smells a bit like “pool water.” Give it a try and see how quickly you start “talking like a pirate.” (The Recipe is the entry before this one)