Show Notes 01/19/18

Title: “Real” “Believable” Sci-Fi Worlds

Run Time: 23 min 57 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Nabbit, Oktober and Major Monocle



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Topic: What Sci-Fi world is the most believable…




  • October brings up a dark horse candidate….Steven Spielberg’s A.I. Nabbit thinks that it isn’t too much of a stretch to see the world develop in that way. There’s also a quick comparison to Terminator which leads the panel to discuss several companies actively working towards Skynet.


  • The panel talks about the world(s) created in the Star Wars universe and how in a most of it you do not see what daily life is like for the characters that inhabit it. Luke makes the argument that the world is so vast that you don’t get to see the inner workings of say the cloud city, because there’s not enough time to do that and tell the story.



  • Luke brings up the love letter to Trek that is Fox’s “The Orville.” His argument is that it takes the “Flawless” world of Star Trek and introduces deeply flawed characters.



  • The panel talks about how insightful Futurama was when it came to the evolution of humanity. They still do the same stupid things, but with more futuristic technology. The Garbage Ball episode is a good example. Oktober thinks that this is also part of the appeal of the world created in The Fifth Element. Characters are still archetypes that we recognize, but in a futuristic setting.



Game: Name Me A Beer

In an attempt to stretch his mind (and patients) Luke challenges the panel to come up with a name for a beer and he would try to come up with a description of what type it was, how it might taste, the design on the label, etc.






*Note: Nabbit had no idea that this actually existed from Great Lakes Brewing.

Show Notes 01/12/18

Title: Home Made Vs. Store Bought

Run Time: 23 min 50 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Nabbit, Oktober and Major Monocle



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Topic: Things that are Better Home Made or Store Bought



  • After Luke tells a brief version of his dining experience involving house made ketchup ( as compared to Oktober’s insistence on catsup) Nabbit points out that store bought products have just set a standard for what an item is, for good or ill. Major Monocle wonders aloud about making home made Velveeta.


  • Starting with things that are better home made than store bought, Oktober goes with bread. Not just for the taste, but also for the whole house air freshening abilities. Luke talks about his “fresh baked bread” scented candle…to which Major Monocle talks about the gift he got for Nabbit, a Pancakes and Syrup candle. It was apparently very potent.


  • The panel gets into a detailed argument about lasagna (Oktober doesn’t dig the noodles used in Stouffer’s, Nabbit won’t touch Olive Garden’s and Major Monocle won’t trust home made). Luke suggests we save that for another show topic.


  • Nabbit is passionate about what makes fine french toast (whisper:: its eggs). He complains about how a simple dip in an egg wash is insufficient to make something called french toast. Nabbit suggest his mother’s technique which is essentially making a 4 egg omelette with bread in the middle.


  • Luke’s entry is beef stew. There is nothing better than a home made beef stew. His criteria is that the stew must be thick enough to keep a spoon standing in place. There is a debate about the definition of a stew versus soup.


  • Luke also talks about hand made heavy wooden furniture. Unless you are willing to shell out a huge amount of money, you will never be able to get quality furniture. It’s best to befriend someone who is a really good carpenter.




  • Now onto things that are better store bought… a few quick items: cars, tylenol, most mushrooms…


  • Luke talks about his experiences with home brewing. He created a few batches that were very enjoyable, a few that were funky and one that was a disaster. It was a very good educational experience, but it also gave him a great respect for actual brew masters.


Game: Drink It Or Sink It Challenge: Stout Banana Choco-Dile


Oktober starts by talking about her deep, intimate relationship that she’s develeoped with Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout… I mean in some parts of the world she would be shunned because of it. The look of this drink is described by Nabbit is “fuzzy.” Luke prefers “chunky.” Major Monocle and Oktober really enjoy this shot, but the banana flavor has some trouble coming through. Nabbit picks up some coffee flavors as well. Nabbit also suggest renaming it a “Chocolate Fuzzy” …so give it a try (the recipe is the post before this) and let us know which name would be more appropriate.













Recipe: Stout Banana Choco-Dile




  • 1/4 oz Banana Liqueur


  • 1/4 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream





  • Combine the Bailey’s Irish Cream and the Banana liqueur in a mixing tin with ice.


  • Swish those together for a moment and then strain into a 2 oz shot glass.


  • Pop the cap on the Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout (this is not a twist off) and pour slowly into the shot glass. (Don’t over fill, carbonation has a way of pouring over).


  • Shoot that sucker with some friends….and repeat.



Would You Rather Wednesday (01-10-17)

Here is a new midweek segment featuring one panelist, one “Would You Rather…” question and one “Gold Ribbon Recommendation. This one has Nabbit arguing between shopping like a calm, collected individual or a wildman tearing up the shop….and as for his recommendation he is singing the praises of plugging it in…meaning the glories of a hard wired internet connection versus wireless.


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Show Notes 12/29/17

Title: Living to Triple Digits And The Changing World

Run Time: 24 min 11 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Nabbit, Oktober and Major Monocle



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Topic: “Living to 100 years old, What would like to see change?”


  • Oktober starts off with “the big one”…a cure for cancer, diabetes, etc.  She reasoned this out, beyond the obvious, because a large amount of people will be affected by these. Nabbit worries though that there is always something worse around the corner. Like “Exploding Head Syndrome.”




  • Major Monocle wants full on robotic replacement parts. Example: Legs/ knees feeling a little stiff…get a set of robotic legs. Nabbit brings up the rising costs of medical equipment and extends it into the future, those robotic arms are gonna cost ya.




Game: Time For Trivia: Future Edition


The panel has to answer questions based on predictions of what the year 2000 (and beyond) would be like according to publications ranging from the 1930’s to 50’s.


  • Fashion is always hard to predict, but a 1939 issue of Vogue nailed it. Men decided that shaving was indeed repressive and now all have beautiful beards. And, of course, every belt has roomy pockets. What other trend did this magazine predict?

Disposable Socks, Electric Vests or Radio Controlled Shoes


  • Remember how difficult it was for the housewife of the 1950’s. Having to clean for hours, sucking dirt and grime off of furniture….and don’t get them started on dishes. According to the New York Times, by the year 2000 these archaic practices were eliminated by what?


Houses will be torn down weekly and regrown overnight, Robots, Everything is Waterproof


  • In 1949, Popular Mechanics started talking crazy. The idea of taking a computer and miniaturizing it so that it could fit in the average American home seemed almost unimaginable. But now we’ve been enjoying the hard work of those engineers from the past. How many vacuum tubes are in the average home computer?


100, 1000 or 5000


  • We’re all used to looking up and seeing two moons in the sky, but back in 1950 it wasn’t so according to the experts at the Associated Press. What have we gained from this man made heavenly body? (Side Note: Here’s the Wheel that oktober was talking about)


Unlimited Energy, Luxury Intergalactic Travel, Clear Radio Transmissions



Show Notes 12/22/17

Title: Holiday Celebrations Around The World

Run Time: 18 min 15 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Nabbit, Oktober and Major Monocle



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Topic: Holiday Celebrations Around The World


  • Oktober starts with one character that has become a lot more popular in the last few years…. Krampus. The parades are something to behold.


  • Luke adds to the whole “ancient holiday enforcers” thing…. with Frau Perchta. Do your chores or she’s gonna wreck your house. Eat the right food or she’ll cut you open, empty you out and stuff you with sawdust….oh, and also leave food for her cadre of un-baptised baby ghosts. Aren’t the holidays grand?






Game: “Drink It” Or “Sink It” Challenge : Hot Dr Pepper


It’s a Holiday “Classic” (air quotes) from the 1960’s. Nabbit pulled a millenial (he “just can’t even”), Major Monocle has issues with warm drinks (but comes close to figuring it out) and Oktober notices that the flavor changes quite a bit when its heated. The history of this drink is probably more interesting than the drink itself. Give it a try…if you dare. (The recipe, and it ain’t hard to figure it out, is the post before this one).



Recipe: Hot Dr Pepper




  • 1 oz Rum


  • Dr Pepper (16 oz should be about 2 servings)


  • Lemon




  • Pour Dr Pepper into a sauce pan. Add lemon slices. (A good rule of thumb is 1 slice a serving)


  • Heat the pan and stir the occasionally until it simmers. (Don’t be fooled by the carbonation when you first start)


  • After it simmers for a few minutes remove from heat. Serve after it cools for a minute.





Would You Rather Wednesday (12-20-17)

Here is a new midweek segment featuring one panelist, one “Would You Rather…” question and one “Gold Ribbon Recommendation. This one has Nabbit deciding how best to survive the physical challenges that Luke lays out before him…and as for his recommendation he suggests that you take some time and listen to some top quality sound design…ear candy ( ie Not this podcast).


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