Show Notes 11/17/17

Title: The Smartest Animal

Run Time: 17 min 05 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Nabbit and Major Monocle



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Topic: What is the Smartest Animal?




  • Dolphins come up as a good contender for “Smartest Animal.” With big brains and adaptations which make them extremely well suited to their environment, they have time for leisure and entertainment…. like pissing off sharks and playing with octopi.





  • After a particularly goofy Dolphin laugh, Major Monocle starts dropping SpongeBob “factoids” on the panel.


Game: Be The Turkey You Want To Be






Show Notes 11/10/17

Title: Board Games

Run Time: 19 min 41 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Nabbit and Major Monocle



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Topic: Board Games




  • Mousetrap, a favorite of Major Monocle, problematic for others on the panel. The futility of putting it all together infuriates Nabbit. While Luke had issues with finding all the pieces. All so this <spoiler alert> might happen.








Game: “Story Time: Board Game Edition”












Show Notes 11/3/17

Title: The One About Jerky….

Run Time: 24 min 57 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Nabbit and Major Monocle



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Topic: Jerky


  • There is a discussion about the definition of flesh vs. meat. The answers are actually kind of disturbing. And leads to a mention of Zombie Jerky!


  • A lively discussion about the many meats that are made into jerky. Some of them are venison, yak, alligator, salmon, jellyfish, turkey, shark and kangaroo.




  • There’s talk of the oddity that is fish jerky. Salmon, Ahi Tuna and shark are common ones.






Game: Drink It or Sink It Challenge: “The Wasp”


This simple 3 ingredient drink (Vodka, Banana Liqueur, Ginger Ale) received a moderately good response from the panel. Which doesn’t mean that it couldn’t use a little tinkering.  Luke suggests spicing it up a bit with Blenheim HOT Ginger Ale (not that he could remember the name at the time). Oktober suggests fresh squeezed orange juice to add a little more complexity to the flavor profile. Nabbit likes the idea of adding some performance to the drink with squeezing the orange in it when served (adding the “venom”). Luke suggest blood orange to make it even more dramatic.



Show Notes 10/27/17

Title: Halloween TV Specials

Run Time: 20 min 18 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Nabbit and Major Monocle



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Topic: Halloween TV Specials




  • Nabbit complains that you don’t see to many new and original specials today is because, even with hundreds of channels, there’s not a lot of great things on. (i.e. Television sucks). Nabbit suggests that Game of Thrones does a Halloween special which gets Major Monocle excited.


  • Luke reminisces about a crazy classic…The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t (or another title: The Night Dracula Saved The World)…. here’s the full movie. Come for the cheesy story (along with mildly sexist messaging) and stay for the sweet disco moves of Judd Hirsch.



  • Oktober talks about her ten year old mind was haunted by an episode of “That’s Incredible!” The episode that so got to her was an abandoned haunted house in Wales where they played audio of people talking, pianos playing and other spooky things.




Game: Story Time : Halloween Edition

This is a game where Luke has written up some psuedo news type stories about a subject (in this case Halloween type stuff) and the panel has to finish it off by answering the question at the end.





Show Notes 10/20/17

Title: Historical Ghosts

Run Time: 18 min 49 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Nabbit and Special Guests: Braydon and Victoria



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Topic: Historical Ghosts…Or Un-living History



  • Oktober brings up the latest film by Chad Calek… Sir No Face. Luke and Oktober both went to see this documentary, which deals with the history of Cockatoo Island in Australia and the interesting footage that a paranormal team gathered on it.




  • As for haunted items, there is a brief mention of Robert the Doll….which  lives a comfortable non-life(?) in Key West, Fl.


  • Nabbit talks about how one man caused the genesis of a headless ghost chicken. That man was Sir Francis Bacon who worked out how to better preserve meat, an innovation that actually caused his death. He fell ill after stuffing a chicken full of snow and died shortly after, but HighGate Hill was haunted by a ghostly, headless chicken. There is also a quick mention of a movie you should not watch…called PoutryGeist.



Game: Drink It Or Sink It Challenge : Blood Orange Margarita


Nabbit lost his voice almost completely by this point and mainly just liked the sugar rim. Oktober was a huge fan, because she loves everything tart. To which Nabbit points out that it is strictly an Oktober style drink Victoria liked it, but needed a larger serving size (this version was done in a 5.5 oz coupe). Nabbit blasphemes by suggesting that it gets some whipped sweetness (to which Oktober responds strongly). Give it a try and let us know what you think. (The recipe is the post right before this one.)



Blood -O-drink