Show Notes (05-18-18)

Title: Smart Homes: Technological Gate Keeper

Run Time: 19 min 42 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Nabbit, Oktober and Major Monocle



Click Here To Play! (or Right click to download!)


Topic: Smart Homes


  • Oktober talks about how, in an earlier episode, we had a brief discussion of “homes of the future” (via the 1950’s and 1960’s). That episode was mainly about appliances, while this show is about the inter-connectivity of your house and your devices.


  • Luke manages to confuse a bunch of Amazon Echo’s by saying the name Alexa several times throughout this conversation. Nabbit simulates the creepy laugh glitch.



  • Nabbit talks about how the one major problem faced by these technologies is that they don’t all work together, which leads to compatibility and performance issues. He attempts to coin the term “Universalized.”



  • Oktober brings up the old 1960’s smart homes with switches that controlled everything from lights to the sound system. Luke brings up the fascination he had as a kid about homes with intercom systems. Nabbit talks about how one of the houses he owned had one, sadly non-functioning.




  • Major Monocle talks about how far we’ve come technologically in the last decade and how apps now rule the world when it comes to making devices like the Echo and iHome function.



  • The discussion turns to implantable devices like cochlear implants and heart monitoring chips that are controlled by apps. Nabbit talks about his heart monitoring implant “phones home” every night.




Game: “You Deserve Better”


In this game the panel is presented with a thing, place, event, etc… and make it better somehow.









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