Show Notes 12/30/16

Title: How to Make 2017 Not Suck!

Run Time: 18 min 22 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Nabbit, Major Monocle


Click Here To Play! (or Right click to download!)


Topic: How to Make 2017 Not Suck


  • Oktober wants all classic rock musicians and celebrities monitored for health this upcoming year. Nabbit points out that every rock star who makes it to their second album has achieved a milestone.


  • We celebrate Major Monocles big 3-0…although everyone still calls him a fetus…a fetus with back pain.



  • Major Monocle plans on continuing his journey with his motorcycle. He’s got no particular plan, other than to try and stay upright and alive. As Nabbit puts it Major Monocles goal is to…”Ride Bikes, Don’t Die, Make A Friend.”


  • Luke plans on enjoying a year filled with “Days of Wine and Roses” (minus all the misogyny and domestic abuse) and deal with the repercussions next year. Nabbit has difficulty seeing as to how that’s any sort of change. Luke strives for a blissful haze.





Game: “Drink It” Or “Sink It” Challenge :

The End of The World


Based of the idea of a long island (ie a drink to get you lit). Oktober says it’s a drink for when Andrew WK is at your party and you need everything to happen really quick! Major Monocle can’t seem to get past the gin (solution: more Rum!). The panel gets a bit of an alcohol shine and recollects on the times spent with 151. Give it a try (recipe is the previous post to these show notes) Drink this one Responsibly!




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