Show Notes 12/23/16

Title: Long Winter Nights

Run Time: 20 min 50 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Nabbit

Click Here To Play! (or Right click to download!)

Topic: Dealing with Long Winter Nights


  • Long Winter nights affect people differently. Oktober likes this time of year because she doesn’t feel as “under the microscope” during the night time (she’s a night owl by nature).


  • Nabbit brings up Alaska and their extreme long winter nights. Although none of us have ever been, Nabbit has researched it a lot because of his own sleep problems. He talked about all the medical things that can happen when a community goes collectively mad when not seeing the sun for weeks.




  • Medical professionals and patients in hospitals have to contend with a condition coined “ICU Madness” which relates to how your body determines the time of day.





Game: Story Time! : Holiday Hustle Edition

This game was previously called “Fake News”….but as we all know that phrase is fun no longer. So we’ve changed the name and kept the fun. So in the following tales the panel has to fill in the missing details.



  • Last minute holiday shoppers in a local store got more than cheap deals this year. Security camera footage showed that patrons who were in the store 20 minutes before closing for the night got an unwelcome suprise with their purchases. What did the footage show?


  • Local tree farms say that they are planning on making changes to their business practices for next year’s christmas season. Recent shifts in buying trends are leading producers to offer a new range of services….what are some of these?


  • Move over Egg Nog there’s a new holiday beverage in town. With the proliferation of various types of -Nog showing up on grocery store shelves in recent years (including pumpkin, caramel and peppermint) one national producer has bet big on it’s new creation. Panel…what flavor is it?







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