Show Notes 11/25/16

Title: Pitch Month: Celebrity Deaths 2016/ Japan WTF Advertising

Run Time: 22 min 42 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Nabbit, Major Monocle



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Topic: Pitch Month: Celebrity Deaths of 2016 and WTF Japan Advertising


Due to his large Meat Paws, Major Monocle pulls two topics out. So the panel begins discussing Topic #1: Celebrity Deaths of 2016


Nabbit brings up the Celebrity Death Rule of Three’s and Major Monocle extols the value of Betty White still being alive.


The panel goes through the list and its like reliving the trauma all over again. They discuss how some of them were probably not too surprising, while others were a shock from out of nowhere.


The panel talks about the media saturation that happens whenever one of these major celebrities dies. Which prompts Major Monocle to bring up a nightmare scenario of when someone who is basically a media empire dies (i.e. What will happen if Kim Kardashian ever dies).


Oktober laments the death of Prince Be from PM Dawn because of a personal connection.


The panel moves onto The Advertising Arms Race: Weirdness Edition between the U.S. and Japan. Nabbit brings up the Arnold Schwarzenegger power drink ads.


Oktober talks about the old days, before the Internet (a shock to Major Monocle’s understanding of the world) when celebrities did ads in other countries all the time, but unless you lived there you wouldn’t see them.


Examples presented include This Ad (Japan) versus This Ad (U.S.)


Nabbit posits that the need for ads to go viral (due to people skipping commercials) has lead to this escalation of weirdness…leading to things like the Squatty Potty….And This Skittles Ad.


Nabbit is still searching for a reason for these KIA ads. Luke goes into the way back and pulls out this Volkswagen ad and (this one too) as examples that this has been going on for a while.

Game: “Drink It” Or “Sink It” Challenge: Masquerade til Morning


Major Monocle was not a fan of this one, mainly because he doesn’t like champagne….he does say that once he got more into it he started to not mind so much. Nabbit, well his tongue was just broken. Oktober looooooooved it and is ready for Luke to start mixing pitchers of it. The recipe is posted on the main page. Tell us what you think in the comments.






Masquerade til Morning




2 oz Pineapple Juice

Chilled Champagne to fill

1 oz Chambord (Float)




  • Pour 2 oz Pineapple juice into flute.


  • Fill glass with champagne until it is about 3/4’s full


  • Take a spoon and pour 1 oz Chambord gently across the back of it.









Show Notes 11/18/16

Title: Pitch Month: Back With Burgers

Run Time: 21 min 53 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Nabbit, Major Monocle



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Topic: Pitch Month: Best Burger and Where?


We’re continuing Pitch Month, where we put topics into a hat and see what comes out. This edition happened to be a topic from Major Monocle… “Best Cheeseburger you ever had and Where?”


Oktober shuts down Major Monocles topic with something even better. We’ve talked about this miracle sandwich before from Melt. It was the Godfather (Lasagna on a grilled cheese sandwich). The judges allowed it.


Major Monocle tells the tale of the best cheeseburger he ever had…however it was not the cheeseburger he was seeking. It all started with a planned trip to the Thurman Cafe, he ultimately ended up down the street because the line was waaaaaay to long. And of course, he can’t remember the name of the place! The panel is not convinced that it actually existed in normal space and may have been some weird Twilight Zone thing.


Nabbit laments that he really doesn’t have anything to bring to the table on this topic. Mainly because he doesn’t really seek out burgers when traveling. He does state that bacon is essential to a great burger.


Luke’s best burger was in Kansas City, KS. They had taken a burger and worked bacon into it. That along with fried onions, barbecue sauce and cheddar cheese…amazing. However the exact location of said burger remains a mystery because of Luke’s horrible memory (or possibly the Twilight Zone thing again).



End Segment: What Are Ya Into?


Major Monocle is indulging in the Fat Guy/ Motorcycle Lifestyle. The panel discusses his safety equipment, the type of bike and his skill development. (Also because it’s called the ThunderCat…which lead to several renditions of this)


Oktober has been fan-girling over the band Ghost. She talks about how she saw them live in Detroit and their influences.


Luke’s been reading  “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen. It’s made him go back and revisit some of those classic songs with new eyes. Also the opening line (which he butchers a bit in the podcast…because he was about three drinks in) caught his attention… “I come from a boardwalk town where almost everything is tinged with a bit of fraud. So am I.”








Show Notes 11/04/16

Title: Pitch Month: You Need A New Bank

Run Time: 18 min 56 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Nabbit, Major Monocle



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Topic: Pitch Month: Cash



  • This is the first episode of Pitch Month. This is where everyone puts a topic in a hat and we draw one out and discuss it. Nabbit grabbed Luke’s topic out and attempted to read it, with difficulty.






  • Nabbit and Luke talk about a trip they took to Hong Kong years ago, where cards with chips built in were common and worked great (The Octopus Card). This was years before they had even been talked about in the U.S.



  • The group discusses the dangers of a cashless society when the power goes out. And thats not only because you have to break out the old school credit card machine. Nabbit closes the argument down with this pearl of wisdom…”People will figure out a way to take your money.”



Game: “Drink It” Or “Sink It” Challenge:

Rousseau’s Cake Cocktail


A salute to Marie Antoinette (and Jean Jacques Rousseau who made up the “Let Them Eat Cake!” line). Despite Major Monocles aversion to cake he enjoyed this lemon/strawberry cake cocktail. Nabbit liked the flavor but felt the Pinnacle Cake Vodka might have been a bit to heavy (the recipe calls for 2 oz). Oktober liked it and found it very simple. Try it out for yourselves…the recipe appears before the show notes.