Show Notes 10/21/16

Title: Nightmares and We Meet Alexander

Run Time: 20 min 22 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Nabbit, Major Monocle


Click Here To Play! (or Right click to download!)

Topic: Nightmares and Sleep Paralysis


  • Major Monocle makes jokes about having his body jerk around right before he drifts off to sleep…which leads to a bunch of jokes about his bedroom habits. (BTW that is called a hypnagogic jerk.)



  • After listening to descriptions of the ways that people experience sleep paralysis Nabbit points out that it’s the brains fault. He feels betrayed because we’re supposed to be resting and then the brain starts this mess going!




  • And what about people who can hold conversations while asleep… Nabbit shares a great story of one of the strangest conversations he ever had with his wife. This leads to a the panel talking about how to test if they are actually conversing with you or not.





Game: The “Drink It” Or “Sink It” Challenge


Meet Alexander the Pumpkin. Based loosely on a Brandy Alexander this drink got fair reviews from the panel. The base alcohol was the Pumpkin Face Reserve Rum that the panel did shots of during and after the podcast. Nabbit would have liked it more if it had been more chilled. Oktober really liked it but thought that adding some chocolate to it would work (Luke decides that it would be a ‘Tober Special). Tell us what ya think …the recipe is available in the previous post to these show notes.





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