Show Notes 10/14/16

Title: Ghosts and More FAKE News

Run Time: 30 min 17 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Nabbit, Major Monocle


Click Here To Play! (or Right click to download!)



Topic: Ghosts- Movies and Tropes



  • References to The Exorcist are made….but we’re not posting those scenes here(but you can get all the info from IMDB). Here’s the trailer.


  • Luke gets accused of being a “ghost elitist” for calling into question whether the movie House is really a ghost movie.



  • Luke brings up The Others and 1408 as examples of movies that are different from the standard horror fare.



  • Both Major Monocle and Oktober bring up Thirteen Ghosts and Nabbit and Luke try to remember the details of the story.



Game: FAKE News: Paranormal Edition


  • In this game, Luke has written several fake news stories. The final detail in the story is to be filled in by the panelists. The stories often take  weird swing, especially with this group. So here are the basic stories that the panel had to work with.


  • A witness claims that the house of his now deceased uncle is haunted. Upon arriving at the residence to hear the reading of the will he was greeted by someone claiming to be the butler. The witness claims he then did what that revealed he was a ghost?


  • Is an old pawn shop haunted? Local proprietors revealed a video made last night that shows what they believe to be a spirit. What was that spirit doing in that old pawn shop?


  • Local trick or treaters got a fright when they discovered a discarded sack in the driveway of the MacNeil residence. Witnesses reported a liquid oozing from the sack and called the police. What did the police find on that drive way?


  • An attendant at a local animal shelter was witnessed,  on camera, running out of the building last night. Police detained the man after he was reportedly running down Main street screaming incoherently. A few moments into his detainment Police said that he had told them what had caused him to run out of the building. According to the Police, what did the attendant say drove him from the building?


  • Experts from the state university were called in to investigate strange banging sounds heard in the county courthouse. Local investigators could find no reasons for the sounds. After a few hours the experts discovered the likely reason for the noises, were what?




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