Show Notes 07/29/16

Title: True Crime, Psychopaths and Commonalities

Run Time: 19 min 07 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Nabbit, Major Monocle


Click Here To Play! (or Right click to download!)



 Topic:  The True Crime Genre


  • Major Monocle expresses his displeasure for the genre because his wife has filled his DVR with shows from Investigation Discovery.  While Nabbit wonders whether he enjoys the True Crime Genre because he likes Batman.


  • Oktober brings up the Netflix show Making a Murderer and how the way that the show is presented is supposed to point the audience towards a certain conclusion. The panel starts talking about the formula for these types of shows (including the fictionalized crime shows like Law and Order).




  • The panel invents a new board game. It’s a lot like the game of life, but different.


  • Luke states (to general agreement) that these crime stories benefit from the train wreck effect (you just can’t look away no matter how horrible it is).


  • Luke brings up the podcast, You Must Remember This, which did an amazing series on the Hollywood Of Charles Manson. In it Karina Longworth does a stellar job of showing the twisted charisma that he had over his followers, which shows another possible appeal of the genre: The Charismatic Stranger.


  • An escalation of famous murders leads to the whole “God is a murderer” trope. Which leads to the whole panel <minus Major Monocle> singing MmmmmMmmmmmMmmmm from the Crash Test Dummies (off the album “God Shuffled His Feet”).


  • Major Monocle suggests the other theory that because the stories of the True Crime genre are so outside the normal human experience and that is what interests people….and then suggests that the whole panel get face tattoos to scratch that itch.


Game: Commonalities

In this game we list three things and try to guess what they have in common.



















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