Show Notes 06/24/17

Title: Potatoes and Apples

Run Time: 19 min 04 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Nabbit, Major Monocle


Click Here To Play! (or Right click to download!)



 Topic:  The Wonders of The Potato


Major Monocle starts listing all the ways he likes his potatoes (Hint: most of ’em are friend). The panel thinks he might be the potato version of Bubba.


Oktober throws out her love of the sweet potato (baked just as is). Luke likes his with some butter and cinnamon, Major Monocle wants brown sugar, butter and possibly a sweet potato. There are so many ways to make ’em.


The panel talks about eating raw potatoes and how it seems to be something that everyone does as a kid.


Oktober starts talking about odd potatoes that not everyone has heard of. She points out that the blue potato is one of her favorites.


Major Monocle questions the sanity of the first person to try to eat a potato. The panel goes through a series of escalations as to how it might have happened.


Luke suggests that a lot of Americans are probably introduced to potatoes via the french fry. And then everyone starts listing their favorite cut of fry (Oktober: Steak fries, Major Monocle: Curly Fries, Nabbit: Shoestring/ Waffle)


Nabbit asks the most important question of the show, “Are French Fries French?” No one is sure…so to the INTERNET!


Nabbit tells the story about how he didn’t like potatoes as a kid, except for hash browns…which he was convinced was not made of potato.


The panel discusses whether potatoes are a filler food or part of the meal.



Game: “Drink It” Or “Sink It” Challenge


It’s time for the panel to take a drink of the Big Apple….yeah that’s not a typo. This drink is essentially a Manhattan made with Crown Royal Regal Apple. Oktober was looking for a tart apple flavor (the kind you might find in Apple Pucker) and was surprised at the sweet flavor of the cocktail. Major Monocle took a moment to adjust to a classic cocktail. The panel discussed garnish (the original presentation just had a cherry in the glass), which is why in the version shown here on the site it has an actual apple on the side of the glass. If you’d like to see the recipe it’s right here.





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