Show Notes 06/17/16

Title: Thoughts on Travelling and A Dirty UK Road Map

Run Time: 26 min 56 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Nabbit, Major Monocle


Click Here To Play! (or Right click to download!)



 Topic:  Travel Pros, Cons and Tips


  • The panel starts of by discussing modes of travel. When discussing car travel Nabbit brings up his DeLorean experience (he tried cramming his tall frame into it to limited success). And then everyone brings up the Pontiac Fiero, but Nabbit thinks the DeLorean was smaller.





  • Oktober regales the panel with stories about traveling by bus. The people, the delays and the need for life insurance.


  • Oktober asks the panel which was the coolest place they’ve ever traveled to….Nabbit says Hong Kong. Luke suggests Niagra Falls (in summer or winter, and always go to the Flying Saucer Restaurant). Major Monocle enjoyed New Orleans,even though it forced him to change time zones.



  • Luke asks about everyone’s essential travel item. Major Monocle is a proponent of extra underwear and athletic shorts, mainly because of sweating. Nabbit needs munchies (mainly Cheez-its). Oktober has the need to find someplace to eat at her destination that she does not have available at home. Luke takes an electric tea kettle with him whenever he travels because he needs to have his hot Earl Grey tea and doesn’t wanna get over charged for it.



Game: The UK Atlas of Silly Roads


This game is based on a poll published in the UK about funny road names. The panel had to guess whether the names were real or made up. However, Luke didn’t really have time to make up any fake ones, so all the ones he used were real. The list used is right here.






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