Show Notes 05/13/16

Title: Alcoholic Transition

Run Time: 18 min 25 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Nabbit, Major Monocle


Click Here To Play! (or Right click to download!)


Topic:  Facial Transition And Alcoholism



  • Luke insists that it takes one glass with dinner to help relax you. Two, because your feeling good. Its the third drink where things really change.


  • Nabbit takes the conversation toward the idea of when alcohol is a social lubricant versus when it becomes a problem. This takes over the rest of the show where everybody tries to talk about alcoholism, all while making fun of each other.



Game: The “Drink It” or “Sink It” Challenge:

An Evening In Port


The panel didn’t enjoy this one too much. Ultimately it was decided that the flavors didn’t meld together when it was stirred and served chilled and up. Major Monocle thought that the Ruby Port was too pronounced in the cocktail. Oktober compared it to a sangria. Nabbit enjoyed the initial sip, but thought the Ruby Port hit a bit heavy on the tongue. The panel thought it was less of a “Drink It,” not quite a “Sink It”… more of a “Work On It.”

If you want to try an updated recipe it’s posted here.

(Pictured is the better version based on the panels critiques)

full drink







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