Show Notes 05/06/16

Title: Beer, More Beer and Finally… A Game

Run Time: 27 min 17 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Nabbit, Major Monocle


Click Here To Play! (or Right click to download!)


Topic:  It’s Time For A Beer….


The panel got together and tried out a whole bunch of beers in order to get summer started. None of us are experts in anyway (in fact Major Monocle claims knowledge of only 5 beers, the best being Natty Light) First up was the Mojo Risin’ Double IPA from Boulder Beer Company. Nabbit likes the citrus aroma, but not the bitterness. Oktober thought the bite at the end was a bit too intense for her.


Next up was the Gringolandia Super Pils from 5 Rabbit Brewery in Chicago, Illinois. Oktober thinks its very smooth. Nabbit and Major Monocle like it for its consistency and its crisp taste. Oktober thinks it makes a great “backyard beer.”


It’s time for a Luke Favorite, He’brew: The Chosen Beer : Genesis Ale from the Shmaltz Brewing Company. Aroma ranged from clover and honey to citrus. Oktober really enjoyed this and after Luke suggests that it would go great with barbecue the panel gets a little distracted.


Then it was time for the KCCO Gold Lager from the Resignation Brewery. The flavors weren’t really pronounced and most of the panel thought it tasted a little watered down. (Editor note: It could be that we had 3 fairly strong flavored beers before this).


Next up was Summer Time klosch from Goose Island. Nabbit thinks it’s a bit strange, not overly bitter and an interesting scent, a more complex flavor than most of the ones we’d tried.  Oktober is starting to feel the beer burn because she tries to smell the mic instead of the glass of beer.


New Holland’s Sundog Amber Ale was next into the cup. Both Nabbit and Oktober liked this one because of the toasty notes and clean flavor. The panel was wondering what is going on with Major Monocle’s taste buds because he claimed he couldn’t taste the difference. It was about this point the Oktober had to leave the table to go to the restroom….which was a first for the show.


After the aforementioned bathroom break the panel continued with the final beer of the evening, The Pin Up Girl from the Old FireHouse Brewery in WIlliamsburg, Ohio. As of this recording you can only get it regionally (so if you’re in South Western Ohio you should try it out), but this Blonde Ale was compared to champagne by Nabbit. Luke likes it for its light fruity flavors, and Major Monocle continues to wonder about his taste buds.


Game:  “Commonalities”


The panel, being a little sloshed at this point, try to work their way through a new game that involves taking three things and trying to figure out what they have in common. The example given was Apples, Oranges and Pears (which are all fruits…however Nabbit points out that they also share a property of terminal velocity as well)







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