Show Notes 04/22/16

Title: High Fantasy and Epic Tales Along with Facts and Fictions

Run Time: 23 min 01 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Nabbit, Major Monocle


Click Here To Play! (or Right click to download!)


Topic:  High Fantasy and Epic Tales




  • Oktober goes off on the idea of the contrived warrior woman. One example is Alice in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (seriously, this girl suddenly becomes a crazed badass…kinda outta nowhere). As Oktober stated…”Just have a female character where that was always her propensity to be that way, don’t suddenly switch up the game, where she suddenly knows how to wield a sword.”


  • A quick discussion starts about some of the basic parts of a high fantasy adventure. An Epic journey, good versus evil, the orphan who finds out about their destiny. The Black Cauldron is mentioned as an example of where some of the gray areas start to show in between the black and white tropes.





Games: Fact or Fiction?

In this game the panel has to decide whether these statements are completely true or a fiction. Sometimes there will be a small misleading bit in the statement which will cause it to be fiction, so pay close attention.

















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