Show Notes 04/08/16

Title: Not For Kid Coloring Books and Building-A-Bar

Run Time: 20 min 41 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Nabbit


Click Here To Play! (or Right click to download!)


Topic:  Adult Coloring Books


  • Like any trend it probably started a long time ago, faded away and then came back. Adult Coloring books are no different. We can look back to the 60’s for its first awakening.


  • Oktober talks about Zentangles and how they relate to the some of the more popular Adult Coloring books. Oktober also thinks that the calming effect that is supposed to accompany this practice explains the rise of ASMR video’s on youtube. (Editors note: She mistakenly calls them ASR videos)



  • Nabbit brings up the point that essentially a coloring book is a paint by numbers type activity that is good as a solitary activity, but would not be as stimulating if you tried to get a bunch of adults in a room to do it. Oktober points out that groups do exist but Nabbit isn’t really convinced.





Game: The  “Build-A-Bar Workshop” Fantasy Workshop


This is a game where we try to come up with ideas for a bar concept. From uniforms to decor, to drinks to food, we try to match it all to the theme. This episode’s theme is Mad Science. take a listen and feel free to add your ideas in the comments.





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