Show Notes 04/01/16

Title: The Hoaxes, Histories and What You’re Into

Run Time: 19 min 36 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Nabbit


Click Here To Play! (or Right click to download!)


Topic:  Famous April Hoaxes


  • The first hoax on the list is all about easy weight loss. It involved losing weight through your feet, via Fat Sox.



  • And then Oktober segues into another fantastical animal that you could see…A Unicorn. Or at least a close approximation that she remembers from 1985.


  • And speaking of animals…Luke throws out the hoax that had “scientists” trying to push viagra like medications….for hamsters. Despite the lunacy of the story the name of the fake product was pretty good….Feralmone.


  • When did a country have major financial issues happen because of a hoax? Apparently in 2002 the Canadian dollar took a dive because of a hoax that said the finance minister was going to resign his position and go off to raise cattle and ducks. Totally fake…but one thing that isn’t (As pointed out by Nabbit)….the Canadian Dollar (The “Loonie”) smells like maple syrup.


  • And then there is the historical “fact” that President Millard Fillmore had a bathtub installed in the Whitehouse in 1850, thereby making it more popular with the American people. Great story, but totally false. Author H.L. Mencken spent years trying to set the record straight, but people kept printing it as fact.




Segment: What’re You Into?



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