Show Notes 02/26/16

Title:  Anatomical Oscars and The Wishlist

Run Time: 23 min 52 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Nabbit, Major Monocle


Click Here To Play! (or Right click to download!)


Topic:  The 88th Annual Anatomical Academy Awards



  • Major Monocle digs deep to show he knows at least one movie that was nominated…Star Wars.



  • Major Monocle expresses his love of all things Matt Damon. Oktober asks if “The Martian” is anything like “Moon”…. and the answer is no, no it is not. Which segues into the  Warcraft movie… which leads Nabbit to do a little jingle about the lack of Tauren’s.


  • It’s at this point that the panel moves on to the Best Actress category. <Side Note: Luke keeps calling Brie Larson’s movie “The Room”…it is actually just “Room.” This is important because this movie has nothing to do with the piece of schlock from 2003 known as “The Room”>


  • Jennifer Lawrence also gets a mention for her role in “Joy”…the panel is a little incredulous after they learn about the story line.



  • In the Best Picture category the panel starts talking about how Bridge of Spies had to be in there somewhere, because Tom Hanks.



Game: The Wish List


This game involved homework for the panel. They put together several products, both real and fake, and everyone tries to decide whether they are talking about an actual product or if they just made it up, but really want it.


  • NADkins – “Male Jewel Refresher Towelettes”



  • Stop Eating Poop – supplement which deters dogs from eating their own stool.













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