Show Notes 11/20/15

Title: Drinks Giving, Meat and Horrible Life Coaching

Run Time: 23 min 47 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Major Monocle, Nabbit


Click Here To Play! (or Right click to download!)


Topic: The Night Before Thanksgiving…”DrinksGiving”…


  • Luke mentions “DrinksGiving” and now Nabbit is thinking gravy flavored beer…which leads everybody to comment on the Jones Soda Holiday Pack…featuring  “Turkey and Gravy” and “Wild Herb Stuffing” sodas.


  • Oktober points out that “Dealing with Families is hard.” Making the idea of getting out of the house when all the family is rolling in. But the draw of a free meal has generally been irresistible for Major Monocle and Luke.


  • One theory as to why it’s so popular is that students are coming in from colleges and want to see old friends.


  • Another theory is that the preparer of the thanksgiving meals doesn’t want to feed everybody the night before too. So in an effort to save their sanity they suggest people go out or order in.






  • Nabbit explains the delicious abomination that is TurDucken (or as we’ve decided to call it…Meat Layer Cake)


  • The group presents in tone deaf version of The Second Week of Deer Camp….because The Major has some interesting stories about drinking…in the wild.


Game:  Life Coach


This is a  game where some one is chosen from the group to leave the room while the others decide what that person will be when they come back. That person must then ask questions to determine what they are. Simple enough…but it can take a turn for the perplexing if there is ambiguity in the answers to the sacrificial lambs questions, as we found out in this episode. Luke got lost….really really lost. Psi-aye-yaye.




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