Show Notes 10/16/15

Title: The Long Halloween with a Swamp Zombie!

Run Time: 27 min 00 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Major Monocle, Nabbit

Click Here To Play! (or Right click to download!)

Topic: Halloween Destinations and Thoughts!

  • We get insight into the youthful Halloweens of Oktober’s past. Including the neighborhood feel of the holiday and the satanic panic.
  • Major Monocle’s got a love of corn…and the mazes made of them.
  • Oktober enjoys the spooky-ness of insane asylums.
  • Oktober and Luke say that Nightmares Fear Factory (Niagra Falls, ON in Canada) was one of the best haunted houses ever. (Nabbit is so jealous)
  • Oktober and Nabbit talk about the sense of danger you could get as a kid 2 streets over home.
  • The attraction we all haven’t gotten to yet is less known by it’s proper name, the C and K Autumn Fest. Better known, perhaps, as the West Virginia Pumpkin House.
  • Luke heads down memory lane to some of the fun props that Nabbit’s Halloween parties had….like chalk outlines and Jeff Goldblum.
  •  Nabbit brought up the Mothman festival in Point Pleasant, OH. Which has a museum and the Mothman statue.
  • Luke says that Las Vegas is a great tourist destination if your looking for everything from Adults only to more family friendly events.
  • Nabbit and Oktober relate the time that a Halloween event went horribly (and dangerously) wrong.

Game: The “Drink It or Sink It” Challenge

This time the panel gets to try out the “Swamp Zombie.” A rum drink with some tropical and tart flavors. The entire panel enjoyed the visual appeal and the strength of the this particular libation. By using dry ice and SideKick glasses you can make this drink a real show stopper. The recipe is available here.

The Swamp Zombie

The Swamp Zombie

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