Show Notes 10/02/15

Title: Misty Day Was Robbed and Who is the Walrus?….

Run Time: 26 min 08 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, KatieLou (and eventually Major Monocle)

Click Here To Play! (or Right click to download!)

It’s all about American Horror Story;  past, present and future.
  • Luke Rodgers starts with his complaint that the show always seems to hit a lull in the middle, but Oktober points out that sometimes there’s just a character you’re not overly interested in who gets the spotlight and that may cause that feeling.
  • KatieLou has a horror-on for Ryan Murphy
  • Oktober enjoys anything involving Misty Day
  • KatieLou has some interesting tinglings for her favorite scene…. from AHS: Asylum
  • Discussions ensue as to which series was the strongest and which one didn’t quite make the grade.
  • No Spoilers for AHS: Freak Show, but we really wanted to…
  • Oktober and KatieLou both went back and watched the first series just recently, which lead to discussions about all the various connections between AHS: Hotel and the murder house.
  • The panel sings the praises of the entire cast, including the incomparable Zachary Quinto
Game:  Life Coach

In this game the panel decides what the player is and the player has to guess what it is by asking questions.

Major Monocle tries to guess what the panel has decided he is by asking a series of probing questions, such as  “Am I a unicorn?”  and “A person/ athlete/Centaur?”

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