Show Notes 9/4/15

Title: Your Strange Friends and Their Stories

Run Time: 20 min 10 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Major Monocle

Left Click to play (Right Click to download)

Our Video game intro leads to Oktober throwing this gem out!

Topic of Discussion:

The Creepy Stories You Were Told As A Child And How You Feel About Them As An Adult….

  • Luke reveals the story that was told to him by his father…The Hooker Man. Which is told in just about every town and state in the US.
  • Major Monocle still has all of his toes despite the revelation his grand father made about the “Toe Monster” that lives in his basement.
  • Oktober ain’t afraid of no ghost, but is a little wary of these hungry faces.  Catfish The Size Of Buicks!

Our Game: The “Drink it” or “Sink It” Challenge

A Sweet Whipped Ass

Or panel ultimately enjoyed this particular libation. There was a momentary disconnect on the way the beverage looked versus the whipped vodka smell. It was described as “pie-like,” “a sunset drink” and “Damn Good.” The Major felt like it had a cider-esque taste. Which sparked a conversation about different kinds of cider and their unique flavors.

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