Show Notes 8/28/15

Title: Celebrity Nostalgia and The Punk Band Book

Run Time: 19 min 04 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Major Monocle

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Our Toast:

     “First God Created Man.

Then He Created Woman.

Here’s to Second Chances.”

Topic of Discussion: Do Celebrities have the responsibility to set a positive example…

The conversation starts with celebrities who start out as child stars and have to transition to an adult celebrity… we’re looking at you Miley Cyrus.

Ultimately we’d like to believe that we should all try to be our better selves, no matter our celebrity status.

Next we opened to floor to discussing silly and odd things we’ve ordered online or saw and decided we must have.

  • Luke owns up to looking at odd things on Amazon…like Aqua-Notes.
  • Oktober discusses her love of Uranium Glass
  • Everybody sees a nostalgia element in a lot of the things we look for.
  • Major Monocle curates a collection of odd video games like Squishy The Suicidal Pig

Our Game was called….

Band Name or Book Title

Some of the fine examples given were:

  1. Drive-In Funeral
  2. Blonde Roots
  3. Degrees of Freedom
  4. Ed’s Redeeming Qualities
  5. Sorry About Your Couch

The 1985 Room gets mentioned again from our Second Show.

The Major pulls off the upset with a blindly stupendous guess.

…and then of course Oktober can’t resist the urge to start singing Couch Surfer.

Show Notes 8/21/15

Title: Over Processed and Under Powered!

Run Time: 18 min 34 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Major Monocle

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We discussed the oddity of processed food. It ain’t natural, but sometimes it just delicious…other times you just shouldn’t think about it. Some of our highlights are:

  • American “Cheese”
  • Marshmallow/ Marshmallow Peeps
  • Candy Corn (You either Love It or Loathe It)
  • Oktober does not do Salt Water Taffy…nu-uh!
  • Chicken Nuggets (AKA Pink Slime Forms!)
  • The McRib
  • Bread (AKA Edible Foam)

On to the powers and strangeness that are super heroes. From funny character designs to wacky powers…

  • Oktober accepts talking animals despite their unconventional-ness. Including Howard the Duck and Peter Porker, The Amazing Spider-Ham
  • Oktober throws some love to DC’s Dead Man because he never gets talked about him and she connects with his Silver Age self (yeah we had to look it up…sorry for stoking your nerd rage)
  • Major Monocle’s younger self was confused by Batman’s nipples in Batman Forever. Luke throws out the reason the nipples were there according to director Joel Schumacher.

On to our game of the evening…Another Addition of “You’re the Worst.” This one’s all about weddings…Things not to do at a wedding…

  • Luke does not recommend destroying the ceremony…again he’s very sorry.
  • Major Monocle doesn’t think you should follow his example of getting married outside in November.
  • Luke says that the tuxedo t-shirt may be a bad idea, or possibly the best idea evah!
  • Don’t bring you’re college aged self when it’s supposed to be a classy wedding…save the lamp shade for the reception.

Show Notes 8/14/15

Title: You’ve Been Carly Rae’d!

Run Time: 22 min 16 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Major Monocle

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Our Toast:

   “To All the Gents and Ladies,

And all the foolish times we spent,

They cost me afterlife in paradise,

and they were worth every single cent.”

-Great Big Sea, “Straight to Hell”

Topic of Discussion: Fabulous Wealth and Insane things to do with it…

With cautions about the legality of your insane purchase, Luke revealed that he wants a giant shower room (complete with lights, music and a staff). The various technological challenges were discussed including the possible use of an Amiga 2000 (circa 1988)

Oktober plans on a room dedicated to the exact era she wants (late 1985), which would be off limits to Major Monocle due to the fact that he didn’t exist at the time. Holograms were debated (including Jem and the Holograms which did run from 1985 to 1988)

Major Monocle decided (after some prompting) to keep it legal and not give all the money to his wife. He took it back to a childhood dream of buying a bunch of classic cars and fixing them up, regardless of the fact that he knows nothing of car repair. A garage filled with Corvettes, Pink Escalades and DeLorean’s.

Game Played: The “Drink It” or “Sink It” Challenge

A Bang And A Whimper

Overall the panelists waffled between and couldn’t come to a firm decision either way. The recipe page has comments enabled so try it out and let us know what you think. And if you’re interested in getting yourself a set of Ice Sphere Molds then just click on the link.

Recipe: A Bang And A Whimper

This is the way the world ends,

not with a bang but a whimper.

-TS Eliot, “The Hollow Man”



1 1/2 oz Spiced or Aged Rum

1oz Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey

1 oz Coconut cream

2 oz of Pineapple Juice

1 1/2 oz of Blood Orange Juice

1 Ice Sphere

  • Take all the liquid ingredients and combine with lots of ice in a shaker.
  • Shake vigorously (gotta dilute everything a bit)
  • Pour everything into a pint glass and add the ice sphere.


Show Notes: 8/5/2015

Title: The First ONE!

< Click here to Listen >

Run Time:  20min 30 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober, Major Monocle

Topic of Conversation: Reality TV (Smarter/ Dumber/ House Shopping?)

The fact that this show exists started this thought: UNreal < IMDB: UNReal >

Oktober and Luke Rodgers reveal a bit about their brushes with reality stars…

This all lead to the question which reality stars most resemble space aliens and/or time travellers….

Major Monocle referenced the movie Idiocracy < IMDB: Idiocracy > and Oktober suggests Mama June <IMDB: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo  > is from the future…cause she’s fat.

Every season and every cast member of Ru Paul’s Drag Race < IMDB: Ru Paul’s Drag Race > work hard to look different from other reality stars

The Kardashians had to get mentioned so we had to mention the glory that is

Kris Jenner’s ” I Love My Friends”

Game Played: You’re The Worst…

…with things you shouldn’t do or say on a first date.

  • Luke Rodgers over-shared about his love of  “Fancy Ketchup”
  • Major Monocle discussed the flea market first date…
  • Luke’s Double Date and Pyramid Scheme Lecture…. much arm chewing happened.