Show Notes (06/15/18)

Title: Endless Summer Camp

Run Time: 13 min 44 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Nabbit and Major Monocle



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Topic: Summer Camp


  • Luke has a lot of experience with summer camps (both as a camper and a counselor). Both Major Monocle and Nabbit admit that they never went to one. But they both admit that they experienced a lot of summer camp media….sometimes involving a mysterious killer.


  • Major Monocle talks about how much he enjoyed Nickelodeon’s Salute Your Shorts when he was growing up. Luke had some questions about the premise of the show…like did they ever leave?



  • Nabbit talks about how it almost feels like he’d been to camp…just by watching Ernest Goes To Camp.



Game: “Drink It” Or “Sink It” Challenge: Bug Juice


Major Monocle both enjoyed the flavor and the presentation of this drink in a disposable drink pouch. It reminded Nabbit of an unfrozen, alcoholic Otter Pop. Major Monocle was really fascinated by the drink pouches and started to come up with alternative uses for them. Luke mentions that the drink can also be made in a regular pint glass if you don’t want the added portability. Give the recipe a try (It’s posted before this one).






Recipe: Bug Juice




  • 1 oz Rum


  • 1/2 oz Razzmatazz


  • 1/2 oz Pineapple Rum


  • 4 barspoons Grenadine


  • 5 oz Lemonade




  • Combine all ingredients in a mixing tin filled with ice.


  • Shake well.


  • Strain into drink pouch (I recommend using a funnel) or a pint glass.


  • Insert bendy straw and enjoy.







Show Notes (06/08/18)

Title: That Super Summer Treat: Ice Cream

Run Time: 18 min 37 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober and Major Monocle



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Topic: Ice Cream


  • In our continuing series of summer themed shows Luke brought over some different kind of pints…Pints of ice cream.





  • Luke explains his apparent obsession with frozen fruit in his ice cream. One of his hometown ice cream parlors had rainbow sherbet with bits of pineapple and cherries. And also a cherry cordial ice cream that had chocolate chips and cherries.


  • Major Monocle shares some memories of his grandfather taking him for frozen custard (strawberry specifically). He laments that there aren’t more ice cream/frozen custard/ froyo places is his area.


  • Luke opens a can of worms…Is Soft Serve actually ice cream? Oktober thinks it’s close, but can’t stand vanilla and most places have poor tasting chocolate.  Major Monocle feels pretty much the same way.




Game: You Name It : Ice Cream Edition









Show Notes (06/01/18)

Title: Crazy Wedding Themes

Run Time: 12 min 10 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Oktober and Major Monocle



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Topic: Crazy Wedding Themes




  • Major Monocle and Oktober both dig into the themes of their own weddings for further inspiration. Major Monocle made the mistake of getting married outdoors…in Novemeber. Oktober had a Halloween themed ceremony (please try to contain your shock).





  • Oktober talks about redneck wedding themes that she has questions about…like why would someone choose dirty, muddy work boots as centerpieces?


Game: Drink It Or Sink It Challenge:  Summer Sunshine


Featuring the cinnamon flavor of Fireball and the sweetness of mango this shot went over pretty well with everyone. Major Monocle pointed out that the cinnamon flavor was very pronounced, but worked pretty well. Oktober thought that it was easy going down and had a nice flavor. The recipe is the post right before these show notes.






Show Notes (05-25-18)

Title: Worst Travel Tales

Run Time: 17 min 05 secs

Host: Luke Rodgers

Panelists: Nabbit, Oktober and Major Monocle



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Topic: Worst Travel Experiences








  • Major Monocle tells the story of riding (#bikelife) with his brother and his girlfriend. He explains the rules of the road when riding motorcycles as a group and how every one of those rules was broken at some point on this trip.



Game: Miscasting


This is a game where we take a quick plot summary of a movie and choose actors who are unlikely and/or just bad choices for roles in those films. Let the hilarity ensue!







Would You Rather Wednesday (05-23-18)

Here is a new midweek segment featuring one panelist, one “Would You Rather…” question and one “Gold Ribbon Recommendation”. This one has Nabbit choosing between equally impossible tasks involving animals and art. And as for his Gold Ribbon recommendation he suggests that people look into buying junked and recovered cars as a way to save some cash and get a good ride (if your savvy and responsible).


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